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DDCO Living Room | One Room Challenge : Week Six Reveal

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

It's REVEAL DAY! Round 2 of One Room Challenge is complete and guys..... we have not left the room since. The rest of the house is still in shambles but all that matters is this sanctuary that we created. Its bold and a little sassy while still being peaceful and serene and most importantly, comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that the first thing we did when Nicole Dianne was done shooting, was took a four hour nap in it. We managed to pull of the following in two hours...the morning of our photo shoot:

-Touch-up paint

-Pick-up tailored curtains (altered the night before by Rory's amazing Grammy)

-Hang curtain rods

-Hang said curtains

-Steam same said curtains

-Wash and dry an entire linen modular sectional

-Replace all 21 cushion covers

-Lay a rug (6x)

-Place a sectional (2x)

-Style a coffee table

-Prep an olive tree

-Finish painting artwork

-Order digital artwork from Walgreens for same-day pickup

-Cut artwork to size

-Frame same artwork

-Buy florals

-Style florals

-Hang a 5-piece gallery wall

-Hang a 6-Piece art wall

-Hang large artwork you made the night before

-Mounting lighting for same artwork

-Style sideboard

-Style rest of the room

-Clean all of the windows

-Clear out side yard so dead plants wont show in photos

-Vacuum, sweep and swiffer all floors.

While we wouldn't recommend waiting until the last second, in the end, it turned out better than we ever imagined and completely represents us as a family. We could not be happier with the reveal!

Lets take a couple steps back to remind you of where this all started.

The Design and Inspiration Boards

We came up with a vision in our heads that was light yet textured, bold yet soft, and dramatic yet inviting. We think that the space reflects that concept pretty perfectly!

The Reveal

There is so much that can be said about the space but truly, the photos say everything.


We really hope that you all have enjoyed our transformation. We made some bold decisions and took to documenting pretty much the whole process this time. We cannot thank our support system (that's you!) enough for rooting us and talking us down from the ledge once or twice when it came to decision making time.

Sponsored Items and Services

Peony Art: K.Khrysty Fine Art White Peonies Oil Still Life

Rug: Vintage from Olio Collective Rugs

Couch Pillows: Vintage from Olio Collective Rugs

Painting Masking Supplies: 3M

Coffee Table Decor: Hearthstone Decor

Stair Railing Fabrication: Knight Garage

Stair Railing Powder Coating: Amerikote

Organization: Neat Method Sacramento

Olive Tree: Green Acres

Garden Roses Art Print: Juniper Print Shop

Sahara Abstract Print: Juniper Print Shop

Botanical Print: Juniper Print Shop

Square Bench Pillow: Cloth and Main

Design Renderings: Shannin Williams

Paint Sprayer: Titan Tools

Furniture and Decor

Art Canvas: 36" x 48" Cotton Canvas from Hobby Lobby

Curtains: Ikea Lenda Curtains (altered to fit the space better)

Modular Sectional: RH Cloud

Lumbar Bench Pillow: UUSI Studio

Our Team

Check out the other amazing guest participants here!

Check out our previous weeks:

Check out our Spring Transformation:

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Suzannah Hamlin Stanley
Suzannah Hamlin Stanley
09 thg 11, 2019

KILLED IT!!!! Just so gorgeous!!! I want to curl up on that sectional right now! Everything is so peaceful and pretty!


07 thg 11, 2019

The details are just gorgeous. I love the muted colors and textures. It's such a cozy and inviting space. Congrats!!


Mary Hunnicutt
Mary Hunnicutt
07 thg 11, 2019

It is such a calm and relaxing space!


Danae The Homebody House
Danae The Homebody House
07 thg 11, 2019

What a warm and welcoming room! I want to do a bellyflop into that cushy couch!


Andrea Williams
Andrea Williams
07 thg 11, 2019

Every detail is perfect. So bright and modern and so on point. Nice job!

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