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Home Design Studio + Office | One Room Challenge : Final Reveal

Updated: May 9, 2019

It's Reveal week for One Room Challenge Spring 2019. The space is done and we could not be more happy with the outcome! Our vision has come to life and now you can catch us in there, soaking it all in at least once a day. It is relaxing, clean, bold, and inspiring. I am still in disbelief that we basically pulled this home design studio and office off in a matter of four weekends. Rory, thank you for letting me wreck the entire upstairs of our home for the last month. Thank you for your tireless weekends and patience. Thank you for trusting me and letting me take over. Our vision has come to life and I can't wait to every other room in our house! (He may kill me for that last line but we shall see...)

A large part of this challenge is being able to share your progress and final results with friends and family throughout the challenge and there is no way I would be able to do this without an amazingly talented photographer and friend. Nicole Dianne Photography was able to capture the space only the way our eyes see it. She gave it life that my iPhone pictures could never do and we are so so thankful! Please support by checking her out instagram and on her website.

Catch up with our progress from the challenge:

The design board has come to life and we are loving all the texture, colors and overall design scheme. This challenge has taught me how to blend both my style, Rory's style, and the style of home for something really special.





The to-do list has been completely checked off! The challenge is complete. We have a few more blog posts in the works to discuss some of the diy aspects of this project, products, and tips and tricks to take on a project like this in your own home!

This room would never have reached this level of potential or execution without the One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens Team. This platform has been inspiring, has held me accountable, and has given me the gift of friends that support each other through the craziness of 6 weeks and beyond. Also, I cannot thank our generous sponsors and partners enough. You guys have been the only way to make this possible:

and last but certainly not least Rebecca with Studio Plumb. This challenge would never have happened without her and we are so thankful for the push!

I will be spending the rest of my evening checking out that other amazing projects and will be adding my favorites to this post as they are revealed! Until then, Click the link below to see some featured designers!

Check out other guest participants here: ORC Blog page ( Thank you following along,


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