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Home Design Studio + Office | One Room Challenge : Week 2

Hello again! It’s week two of the One Room Challenge and it’s time to fill you in on the inspiration and the design elements that are going to be incorporated into our new home design studio + office. Things are being ordered, sponsors are stopping by to drop goodies off and we are ready to get started on the changes.

The Pinterest board has evolved quite a bit over the last two years and we are ready to move it from secret to public to share our inspiration with you all!

Many of you that know Rory and I personally, know that we love a good antique or vintage find, that the texture of old charactered wood makes our hearts pitter-patter, and that we love a good neutral palette. Our largest challenge with this space is trying to transform it from 2017-built Track home to something a little more special. We both agreed that adding some character to the room would be step one.

Design Board:

Inspiration Photos:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

The inspiration pictures helped guide us to finding the color scheme for the space and also see some ways to incorporate new with old, sleek with charactered etc.

We are breaking ground (or walls) on the project this Friday and are excited to show you what is first to be crossed off the list:

Honey To-Do List:

-Trim + Crown Moulding

-Trim out Window

-Trim out Closet


-Remove Standard Builder Closet


-Paint More



-Fabricate Posts for Desk

-Lots of Furniture Building (Like actually a lot...just wait)

-Closet System



Check out other guest participants here: ORC Blog page ( Enjoy,


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