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Home Design Studio + Office | One Room Challenge : Week 5

Updated: May 5, 2019

Guys…..Its week 5 of the One Room Challenge. The furniture is officially in place so we could have Neat Method Sacramento come in and organize the space. I pride myself on creative solutions for organization but often get overwhelmed and sidetracked…I'll blame is on being a creative. I have worked with Neat Method in the past and their work is overwhelmingly amazing. Having your space professionally organized is a totally different ball game.

First we will start with the furniture placement. Creating a double-sided work space with a lot of storage was necessary. Whether it's a client joining me for a consultation, a friend joining me for party planning, a rep meeting to discuss their product line, or Rory joining to go over household stuff, there needed to be a working space for collaboration. We went with (2) 30"d x 59"w table tops from Ikea for flexibility. Having the large table tops allows us to lay out plans, swatches and design boards galore. As seen in our inspiration boards, we love the Alex line from Ikea. The pieces have a utilitarian vibe and it works great for our line of work. We chose to have the worksurface be supported by storage pieces to not waste precious room in the office. Working with the available Alex pieces, we bought (2) of the 14”w x 23”d x 27.5”h Alex storage units and (2) 26.5”w x 19”d 26”h Alex storage units. In addition to the desk storage, we also wanted a styled shelf area that we could store our design books, go to swatches, additional catalogs, and favorite décor pieces. For this, we purchased the Kallax 4x4 Unit. As you may have seen throughout the challenge, the room also had a traditional sliding door closet. This space was under-utilized before, and when it came to designing it, we knew we wanted to go up higher with the storage as well as have some finished storage such as doors or drawers incorporated. The biggest criteria for the storage solution was for it to not be white, for storage to be up higher, and for there to be somewhere to store the printer. We came up with multiple solutions but nothing fit quite right until our consultation with Neat Method.

Jackie, the owner of Neat Method Sacramento, stopped by the house in the beginning of the challenge for a consultation and to get a better idea of the game plan. She immediately jumped in with the challenge of finding the right piece to meet our needs for the closet. After a visit to Ikea for another project, she sent me this piece and we knew immediately that it was the perfect fit. We then created our shopping list and took the truck to our West Sacramento Ikea location. It was a tight fit but we got all 8 pieces of furniture in the truck to bring home for assembly during week 4.

After getting everything built last week, the space was ready for Jackie to come back and work her magic. She joined me for a day of purging, sorting, categorizing, and implementing. I tried to purge before the visit and was still stuck with so many things. The outcome was unbelievable and I am so excited to get into this office for some serious work.

The day started with pulling everything out and categorizing based on function: crafting, designing, or general house stuff that every home office becomes the hub for. It was important for me when selecting the furniture that the drawers and organizing systems allow for the room to no longer be the home for homeless items. If it doesn’t fit somewhere else in the home, and it doesn’t fit in the office while maintaining a beautiful space, THEN WE DON’T NEED IT. PERIOD. APPLE DEVICE BOXES INCLUDED LOL.

Below is her work in the drawers and the pure genius she brought to the space:

Honey To-Do List:

[Remove Current Trim and Base Boards]

[Cut out Window Ledge and Bullnose Corners]

[Paint Upper Accent Color]

[Trim out Window]

[Trim out Closet]

[Re-Trim out Door]

[Wainscoting Panels]

[Wainscoting Trim]


[Fill and Sand Nail Holes]

[Remove Standard Builder Closet]

[Re-Texture Walls in Closet]

[Paint Closet]

[Paint Wainscoting and Trim]


[Remove Nipple Flushmount]

[Add New Pendant Lighting]

[Fabricate Posts for Desk]

[Build (2) Short Storage Files]

[Build (2) Medium Storage Files]

[Build Desk]

[Build Closet Storage]

[Swap Hardware]

[Build Storage Wall]


[Gallery Wall]

[Add Rug]


Check out other guest participants here: ORC Blog page ( Enjoy,


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Katie Pollard
Katie Pollard
17 dec. 2020

Hi, I am absolutely obsessed with this home office space! It's gorgeous. My question is, how did you create the little posts that the desk top is sitting on the shorter Alex unit with? Thanks!


Libbie Burling
Libbie Burling
03 mei 2019

Organization is my love language! This is gorgeous my friend. Cannot wait to see how it comes out!


Joannie Hambel
Joannie Hambel
02 mei 2019

All this organization makes my little ocd heart skip a beat. Love it! I can't wait to see the reveal next week!


Mary Hunnicutt
Mary Hunnicutt
02 mei 2019

All that organization makes me happy! Can't wait to see the finished space!


Emy Flint
Emy Flint
02 mei 2019

I LOVE looking at the contents of organized drawers. So satisfying!!

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