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Home Design Studio + Office | One Room Challenge : Week 4

Hello everyone! It is week 4 of the One Room Challenge and this has been the biggest progress for the project thus far. We had to kick everything into over drive to get the space ready for Neat Method Sacramento. They are going to be working on the project to get the space perfect for designing, planning, working, and drawing.

We started off the week on Saturday as that seems to be the time that we can dedicate the most productivity to. It was an early start and a late end but we got so much crossed off the honey to-do list. We had picked up all the wood from Homewood during week 3 and were pleasantly surprised that we had everything needed to get the job done. It was a huge help to have the experienced team from Homewood assist us in creating our project shopping list.

Rory and his Dad, Cary, started with getting the new baseboards up. We upgraded our baseboards from a builder grade 3.5” to a stunning 6”. It really gave the room an added sense of custom detailing. Next we headed outside to start cutting the battens. Once those were up, we added the first top trim piece and finished it with a mini chair rail. The room instantly brightened so we decided to take on the daunting task of painting it the same night. We wrapped up with the final coat of white paint on the wainscoting at 10:30pm.

Sunday started at 7:00am. I wanted to get the final coat of black touchup on before anyone was awake. We knew we had to get the furniture built before Neat Method Sacramento joins us for week 5 so we got started asap. We got all 6 pieces of furniture built and placed in the room so that we could make sure it was set up for our amazing sponsor. We wanted to create a more custom looking piece for the closet as a feature so we decided to jazz up the Ikea Bryggja unit with some amazing Brass Cup Pulls from Home Depot. I knew the second they came in the mail that they would be the perfect touch to elevate the furniture and add a bit of character from the antique brass finish. We planned from the beginning that the storage credenza would be a tight squeeze but getting in almost caused a heart attack. The drawers open into the new casing with an 1/8” clearance on either side. It was miracle and reason for celebration. We then moved on to the other pieces and got them settled in their final spots which we will reveal next week!

We now have a ton of storage and it also provided us with an opportunity to minimize our swatches and clutter. We will touch more on this for week 5.

The list is coming to a close and we are so excited to have Nicole Dianne Photography come shoot the space next week. Thanks for following along on the journey. We have two weeks left and they are packed with goodness!

Honey To-Do List:

[Remove Current Trim and Base Boards]

[Cut out Window Ledge and Bullnose Corners]

[Paint Upper Accent Color]

[Trim out Window]

[Trim out Closet]

[Re-Trim out Door]

[Wainscoting Panels]

[Wainscoting Trim]


[Fill and Sand Nail Holes]

[Remove Standard Builder Closet]

[Re-Texture Walls in Closet]

[Paint Closet]

[Paint Wainscoting and Trim]


[Remove Nipple Flushmount]

-Add New Pendant Lighting

-Fabricate Posts for Desk

[Build (2) Short Storage Files]

[Build (2) Medium Storage Files]

[Build Desk]

[Build Closet Storage]

[Swap Hardware]

[Build Storage Wall]


-Gallery Wall

-Add Rug


Check out other guest participants here: ORC Blog page ( Enjoy,


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