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DDCO Living Room | One Room Challenge : Week One

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Its officially Fall and we are super excited to be participation in our second round of One Room Challenge as a guest! For the Spring challenge, we gave our home office and design studio a new look that was a huge hit. I learned so much about my ability as a designer, a partner, and a business woman. We pulled in our resources and amazing sponsors and could not have been happier with the result. Check it out below if you didn't have the opportunity yet!

For this fall challenge, we have a very special space in store and can't wait to share what we have planned. Our living room is getting a makeover and its going to make a huge impact considering its the first thing you see when you walk into our home. We have struggled with the space but feel that by the end of this challenge is with represent our style as a couple and really step-up as the introduction into our loving home. It has taken a long time to select the pieces that make up the space (2+ years) and there are still quite a few pieces that we have not pulled the trigger on. We will take you through that process on our instagram @dewildedesignco and look forward to showing you a whole lot more behind the scenes.

The living room is basically 10'x12' with an entry wall to the right of the door when you walk in the house. Its not huge and will need to be very strategic in planning to insure that everything has a purpose and is meaningful.


For now, we start with our tradition of creating the list:

Honey To-Do List:

-Remove Existing Window Ledge

-Re-Case the Windows

-Add Crown Trim

-Remove Builder-Grade Stair Railing

-Paint Walls and Trim

-Paint Front Door

-Fabricate and Install Stair Railing

-Remove Hand-rail

-Window Drapery or Roman Shades

-Add Additional Lighting

-Swap Out Existing Lighting

-Place Furniture

-Lay Rug(s)

-Hang Artwork

-Mount TV and Hide Cables

-Find a Fix for the Router and Gaming Consoles

-Style Coffee Table

-Add Greenery

This list will be tackled by our family, friends, and amazing sponsors and we are so excited to take you along the way. Make sure to regularly check our Instastories for behind the scenes and tips and tricks to executing the same look in your home!


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Oct 05, 2019

Excited to see the room progress!

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