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DDCO Living Room | One Room Challenge : Week Two and Three

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

We are doing things a little nontraditional this week (or two)! For us, the design process is such an important part of what we do and we want to be fully transparent. DESIGN TAKES TIME. This concept doesn't come up in conversation very often and its an important topic. The design world doesn't work the way it does in the movies (or countless tv shows). Six weeks is a very short time to source, experiment, research, resource, and come up with a special place that feels like home. You can't rush creativity and while the goal is to keep up with our weekly timelines, part of this experience is learning to be able to think quick on your feet and coordinate a new approach that will result in the same end goal (or even better).

That's what we are doing. This process is really special. The community that is created is really special. The vendor team relationships are really special. This space is going to be REALLLLLLLY SPECIAL. We cant wait to show you all that we have in store.

Drumroll please...

The Design Board

When we start a design, rugs and art often are the first things we select. The second we laid our eyes on this amazing vintage rug from Olio Collective, we immediately knew it that it was meant for our home. The olive color is something we just couldn't resist. We envisioned it in two very different places which started the conversation of which room we would transform for Fall One Room Challenge. The living room is the center of our home (even though its at the very front). This rug needed to be seen by all and in turn helped us to decide that we would transform and elevate our front room to get it from builder grade to beautiful. Next up was finding the perfect art.

1. K.Khrysty Fine Art: White Peonies Oil Still Life is a stunning fine art print is a piece that we have had our eye on since we first saw it about a year ago. Instagram is an amazing resource for designers and decorators to find and connect with artist all around the world.

2. Juniper Print Shop: Botanical 1 is by Katherine George from Memphis, TN. She says "I have always been drawn to delicate forms of leaves and their shadows. This pair of silhouetted leaf forms was inspired by woodblock prints and textiles."

3. Restoration Hardware : c. 1900 Lanscape Studies 6 is a piece is a series dating from the turn of the 20th century. They depict idyllic scenes range from the Virgin Islands to Santa Barbara and Hamstead Heath, England. Loosely yet skillfully sketched in graphite and charcoal, they convey the tranquil character of the landscape.

4. Juniper Print Shop: Sahara is an abstract landscape comprised of an earth tone and nude palette.  This original painting by Nashville artist Angela Simeone is perfect for any design scheme from traditional to transitional.

5. Juniper Print Shop: Knots II is an original artwork by Jenny Komenda. Bold in black and white, this print it great on it's own or with it's pair.

6. Juniper Print Shop: Lilies I is an original artwork by Jenny Komenda.

7. Juniper Print Shop: Knots I is an original artwork by Jenny Komenda. Bold in black and white, this print it great on it's own or with it's pair.

8. Juniper Print Shop: Botanical IV is part of the four pieces series by Katherine George from Memphis, TN.

9. Juniper Print Shop: Garden Roses II is a loose, organic interpretation of garden roses by the amazing Lynne Millar. 

*Our sponsors have been so so generous to supply all of the art for our living room transformation.

The Renderings

These stunning renderings could not have been more helpful in seeing our room transform from design board to real life. Shannin Williams is an amazing rendering artist that helps designer and clients better envision their new spaces while still in the design phase. If you are also a designer and would like to see how she can help you elevate your design presentations, check her out! She is also launching her classes where you can learn to render like her! I can't wait to sign up for her membership.

The Inspiration Boards

(sources at end of post so check them out!)

At DeWilde Design Co. we do inspiration boards differently. For us, they come in to play in the middle of our design process. Once we establish to overall character, color palette, and mood of the room, we move to Pinterest and Instagram to find examples to further visualize the look we are executing. Once we get our minds moving with the color scheme, we pull inspiration to elevate the aesthetic. For example, we knew the second it came in conversation that we wanted to rip out our existing builder-grade stair railing. We knew that its sexy, new replacement would be more modern, matte black metal or a blackened steel, and would have simple vertical banisters (no fuss is our jam). We then looked for images on Pinterest to find examples of what we liked and what we didn't like. We drew it up and took it to our amazing fabricator Allen, owner and talent behind the shop, Knight Garage. He then used his wealth of industry knowledge to challenge our design with realistic steel offerings, dimensions, and quick lead time resources. We will talk more about this next week!

The Plan

Next week we will start the demo.We have quite a bit of catching up to but that just means that we are that much closer to an amazing reveal!

Our Team

We could not get this accomplished without our amazing team of sponsors. They are instrumental in the process and their services and products are so valuable. We appreciate them more than words can explain.

Check out the other amazing guest participants here!

All Inspiration Sources and Photos can be found on our Pinterest board!

Check out our Spring Transformation:

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Oct 23, 2019

These are the most beautiful renderings I have ever seen! Love the design and can't wait to see it come together. I just used Botanical 1 in my living room, such a pretty piece :)


Oct 18, 2019

I want to move into the rendering, it's so gorgeous! Cannot wait to see the finished space.


J'adore le Décor
J'adore le Décor
Oct 18, 2019

Your renderings are absolutely stunning! My goodness, this whole post took my breath away!


Rebecca Plumb
Rebecca Plumb
Oct 18, 2019

Those renderings are so cool!! And I need an Olio rug in my life.


Oct 17, 2019

The plan sounds incredible and the renderings are gorgeous! I’m so excited to see this room all together

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