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DDCO Living Room | One Room Challenge : Week Five

Week five means time to scramble because in the world of design and professional photography, good photos take time! Everything is coming together beautifully which is wonderful because if this was two weeks longer I probably wouldn't have made it through mentally! Rory and our families, friends included, have been an amazing support system this round. Everyone is jumping in and taking over the projects I am comfortable enough to delegate lol.

I can not give enough thank yous in the world to our sponsors Kimberlee and Kelsey with Sherwin Williams and there amazing Harding Team in Roseville. She really rounded up the troops last week and jumped in painters clothes first. I kid you not, she masked our entire living room with the 3M team and proceeded to paint out the entire space with the Titan Contractor Sprayers team afterward. Pat from Titan was the second best team player I have ever worked with and assisted with masking off the entire space for approximately 3 hours on Friday. The 6 hour ordeal was celebrated at 5:30pm with beers on the front porch and both of them walking away with white paint in every crevice (and on their eyelashes). Pat transformed into Jack Frost quicker than a California freak storm. Our sponsor team kicks ass and I owe them a few more rounds.

Railing Progress

The railing was placed to ensure the final fit and we could not be more impressed with the amazing fabrication skills from Allen and Knight Garage. We took the finished railings over to Amerikote in Rocklin and can't wait to get them back tomorrow for their permanent installation!

Painting Progress

Pat with Titan is a true professional. After hours of masking, the whole room (Kimberlee and Pat included) were the perfect shade of White. We decided on Pure White from Sherwin Williams and it picks up great undertones all throughout the day.

Painting After

My crappy iPhone pictures are doing this space zero justice because it is so light and bright and airy now. For the door, we wanted something bold and dramatic and Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black (leftmost swatch) really did the job. In our space, Black Magic and Caviar pulled to grey and brown. We wanted crisp and sultry and Tricorn marked all of our boxes.

The Finish Line

We are T-minus 2 days away from our photoshoot with the amazing Nicole Dianne Photography and it is for sure going to be a mad dash but so so so worth it in the end. One day I hope to be able to take some decent end of challenge photos but nothing will ever top her experience, skill, and eye. WE CANNOT WAIT!

It's time to reassemble the room and pull out some last minute tricks from the DDCO bag. See you next week for the big reveal!

Our Team

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