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DDCO Cabin Master Bedroom and Bath | One Room Challenge: Week Six

It is now week six of One Room Challenge. Last week, ORC was cancelled in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Civil Rights Movement. We are listening, learning, and reflecting in support and change.

This week we got all of baseboard from Pac Trim installed and then prepped it for paint! We went with their 3.5" Square-Edge S4S Base and it looks super crisp and beautiful in the space. You can find out more information about Pac Trim and where you can find their product on our previous post!

Anytime we install a feature wall that is primed, we like to use the DAP's Plastic Wood Filler in White in a 6oz tube. The tube allows for less mess as it has a slanted tip that you can push up directly to your nail holes. When you use wood filler, its important to overfill as the product shrinks and then sand down the next day! After we finish sanding, we caulk the seams with our favorite Sherwin Williams 950A Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk. Prepping your painting surface with great products will insure that you have a professional looking application every time.

After the trim, shiplap, and base were prepped, it was time for paint. We use Sherwin Williams on every single one of our projects and the result is always stunning. Our typically use their Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex and Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel collections for their amazing quality and will be partnering with them to feature the launch of their two newest collections, Emerald Rain Refresh and Emerald Designer Edition (both coming soon)!

Our Color Pallete:

For the shiplap, baseboard, and bathroom ceiling, we used Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel Pure White SW 7005

(this this is leftover paint on the roller and already the coverage is unbelievable!)

This week got some major things checked off the to-do list:

Continue shiplap around corner to bathroom

Patch Drywall and Texture in Corner and Between Windows

Caulk Window Trim

Install Baseboard

Patch Nail Holes in Shiplap and Baseboard

Paint Walls

Mockup Furniture Placement

Mockup Lighting and Plumbing

As always, you can follow our journey step by step on our Instagram @dewildedesignco and on Instagram Stories! Next week we will be back to show you how we are starting to wrap up the shiplap, trim and baseboard!

Our Sponsor Team

Each week we will tag the products we are using to pull off this transformation and will link them so you can shop yourselves! This post contains affiliate links, and I receive a small amount of compensation if you choose to purchase from our links. In addition, most items featured are gifted by our generous sponsors in exchange for promotion. All opinions shared on our blog and social are our own!

Not only could we not do this without our sponsor team, but also the featured and guest designers in this community have some really wonderful things planned so make sure you check them out by clinking the link at the top of this post!


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