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DDCO Living Room | One Room Challenge : Week Four

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Week four is here and panic is setting in. We have a whole lot to do before next week but our amazing sponsors are really stepping up to the plate with some amazing work. This week, the stair railing has proven to be the most difficult thing we have tackled thus any challenge...ever...

Luckily our amazing sponsor Knight Garage hasn't blinked an eye! Allen is the real deal. He has dodged all of my design punches and has been super accommodating. You know that saying, the cobbler's children have no shoes... it probably because they had to be perfect. Designing your own home as a designer makes every decision so extremely difficult. I have second guessed my decisions at least six times each and I sit up all night wondering if theres a better way to execute something. Our new stair railing has been no exception.

Let's take a second to look back at the inspiration that we are pulling from!

Like we mentioned in last weeks post, our inspiration boards come at the middle of our design process. We start with our vision and then go to Pinterest and Instagram to find real examples of something similar. This helps tremendously in refining the look in our minds and helps us decide the importance and difference between a 3/4" post and a 5"8"post. In case you were wondering, I spent approximately three nights trying to decide. Is FOMAWC (Fear of Making a Wrong Choice) a thing because it should be? Also thats pronounce fauxmock for those of you that are sounding it out and it's the best decision I have made all week.

In order to visualize the railing in our home and application, I instantly drew it up. And by instantly, I mean I may or may not have drawn the image shown below in the parking lot of Home Depot before running in to grab physical samples.

After a lot of pros and cons excersizes, 5/8" won! We did some mocking up and it was the clear winner. We then began demo on the existing stair railing which one took about 30 minutes. The previous railing was super generic and had its time.



The After will come at the big reveal! Maybe a few sneak peeks on our Instastories so make sure you check in regularly!

Once we finish up the railing, its off to powder coating at Amerikote! Until then, we have a whole bunch of paint to pick out so check back next Wednesday for the wall and front door color palette!

Our Team

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All Inspiration Sources and Photos can be found on our Pinterest board!

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