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DDCO Cabin Master Bedroom and Bath | One Room Challenge: Week Two

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

It's week two of One Room Challenge and for every challenge round so far, it has been our favorite week hands down! This week, we share our design plans, our inspiration, our materials and most importantly, our team of sponsors and partners that literally make it all possible for us. We talk about it quite a bit on our social media however, it never hurts to say it louder for the people in the back. WE REACH OUT to these brands to partner. WE SELECT these companies with intention and knowledge. We would NEVER partner or advertise a brand that we don't support through and through and this round is no exception. This round is more personal (you can see why in our previous blog post - #ONEROOMCHALLENGE: WEDDING VENUE EDITION) than past challenges and our team of sponsors is really pulling out all the stops for our transformation. To say we are grateful is an understatement. To say we are thankful is being subtle. To say we are appreciative and indebted is putting it very.....very lightly. Without further ado, we couldn't be more proud to share with you, the most amazing sponsor list we could ever ask for:

Each week we will tag the products we are using to pull off this transformation and will link them so you can shop yourselves! Without our team this next section would be uneventful and not remotely as stunning.

The Design

Last week, we shared our before floor plan and photos (check it out here) and now we get to reveal all the pretty and exciting design plans!

With all of these pretty boards, comes the question of okay but where do we start?....Let me break it down for you!


-Demo Unusable Closet

-Demo Left Storage Area

-Demo Bathroom and Bathroom Wall

-Remove Carpet from Bedroom and Bathroom

-Relocate All Electrical and Re-wire

-Replace Twisted and Cracked Post (Roof Structural Support)

-Remove Doors

-Remove Trim from Windows

-Remove Fire Hazard Base Board Heater

-Remove Washing Machine

-Remove Vanity

Week One

-Create Design Boards

-Find Real Examples to Illustrate the Aesthetic

-Get Remaining Orders Completed

Plan for Week Two

-Sand Down Ceilings

-Paint Ceiling Beams Out

-Pick Up Shiplap and Base from Pac Trim*

-Cut Down Shiplap to Size

- Install Shiplap

-Trim Out Windows

-Reface New Support Post

We can't wait to get the pretty stuff in and start making the space look better (it has to get ugly before it can be pretty). Until then, you might catch a few sneak peeks on our Instagram @dewildedesignco and on Instagram Stories!

Not only could we not do this without our sponsor team, but also the featured and guest designers in this community have some really wonderful things planned so make sure you check them out by clinking the link at the top of this post!


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Corinna from The Boho Abode
Corinna from The Boho Abode
May 22, 2020

WOW! I LOVE the painted beam look. And that cabinet hardware is gorgeous. This is going to turn our perfect!


Denise Greenwood
Denise Greenwood
May 20, 2020

LOVE your design plan! It's going to be gorgeous! Excited to watch it come together!


Hilltown House
Hilltown House
May 17, 2020

Your designs are just perfect for a Cabin - cozy but minimal and totally classic


Casey FitzGerald
Casey FitzGerald
May 16, 2020

Oh I am so excited to follow along with this one! The design is beautiful - what a great space!


The Aspiring Home
The Aspiring Home
May 15, 2020

Truly stunning, love all the detail and thought you poured into this plan!

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