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DDCO Cabin Master Bedroom and Bath | One Room Challenge: Week Three

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

It's week three of One Room Challenge and we are making some serious progress at the DDCO Cabin! We are at the first steps of getting to the pretty part! Our sponsor Shannin Williams rendered some amazing drawings of our bathroom to help us envision our design even better.

This week got some major things checked off the to-do list:

Sand Beams to Prep for Paint

Install Pac Trim Shiplap

Paint Beams

Install Window Trim

Install Remaining Section of Drywall

Reface New Support Post

Sand Ceilings

We started the week here. Fresh from demo. We knew we would be painting the beams so we started with sanding them down to prep the surface.

We used a Festool Unit and it was a game changer. The Festool setup has stackable toolbox attachments and a HEPA Vacuum that creates the ideal tool to tackle big projects without a big mess. I wore black pants and leggings this weekend and didn't have one speck of dust from sanding on me.

Once the beams were prepped, we used our adhesive Samplize paint samples to pick our perfect dark grey from Sherwin Williams's collection of colors. You all loved the look of SW 7062-Rock Bottom (top color) in our instagram poll and it was a clear winner in the space. While Rory's mom and I tackled the painting of the beams, Rory got started on the shiplap from Pac Trim.

Since the cabin is limited in size, we precut our pieces at the house and brought them up for quicker installation. We shared our process on instagram briefly and will go into more detail here!

Our amazing sponsors Pac Trim invited us to their showroom to tour and learn more about the family owned and operated business. Cheryl was so so knowledgable and easy to work with (even when we had to go back for a second load because we miscalculated the first time)! We got the shiplap directly from her at PacTrim's manufacturing plant in Rocklin. The pieces were available in a 16' board which allowed for longer cuts (no vertical seams) on the installment. Their entire product line is distributed through Kelleher and they offer a dealer locator tool here to assist in finding the product closest to you! Pac Trim is also widely available through Home Depot online and in store in 8' and 12' boards.

We pre-measured our space and drew it up and elevation of the walls and ceiling pitch to calculate the lengths of shiplap needed and then used a spreadsheet to create a cutting key. We organized the measurements by location, bathroom wall, storage wall etc. We listed the lengths needed and then "went shopping". Knowing the boards were 16' long, I figured out what cuts would allow for maximizing the product used in turn creating less waste! Each color cluster illustrates one piece of shiplap. For example: the first color, light magenta, instructs us to cut (5) 33" long pieces out of one piece. The next few colors color, light green, yellow, teal, all show that one 16' piece of shiplap would have (3) 64" pieces cut. After cutting each piece, we labeled the location and length so it would be easier to get laid out in the room.

To start the installation, we used a sample of our hardwood flooring and baseboard to space the distance before the bottom board began. Once the first piece was up, the tongue and groove popped right into the previous piece and away we went! Occasionally there was a piece that needed to be trimmed down but the precutting was a huge time saver for the weekend.

While Rory finished up the side wall, we switched places and got the first coast of paint on the beams!


The new beam color made a much larger impact on the brightness of the room than we anticipated and although Rorys parents were adamant about not touching the "patina" (years of poor and sloppy varnish application from the previous homeowners), they ultimately came to the light side and agreed that the sanded ceiling was amazing. Rory tackled the entire ceiling in ONE DAY with the Festool and was sore for about 4 days afterwards... He kicked some serious 60's ceiling butt and it was the best decision we have made so far (he would beg to differ).

As always, you can follow our journey step by step on our Instagram @dewildedesignco and on Instagram Stories! Next week we will be back with another huge chunk of the transformation foundation and cant wait to show you!


-Demo Unusable Closet

-Demo Left Storage Area

-Demo Bathroom and Bathroom Wall

-Remove Carpet from Bedroom and Bathroom

-Relocate All Electrical and Re-wire

-Replace Twisted and Cracked Post (Roof Structural Support)

-Remove Doors

-Remove Trim from Windows

-Remove Fire Hazard Base Board Heater

-Remove Washing Machine

-Remove Vanity

Week One

-Create Design Boards

-Find Real Examples to Illustrate the Aesthetic

-Get Remaining Orders Completed

Week Two

-Sand Down Ceilings

-Paint Ceiling Beams Out

-Pick Up Shiplap and Base from Pac Tri

-Cut Down Shiplap to Size

-Install Shiplap

-Trim Out Windows

-Reface New Support Post

Each week we will tag the products we are using to pull off this transformation and will link them so you can shop yourselves! This post contains affiliate links, and I receive a small amount of compensation if you choose to purchase from my links. In addition, most items featured are gifted by our generous sponsors in exchange for promotion. All opinions shared on our blog and social are our own!

Not only could we not do this without our sponsor team, but also the featured and guest designers in this community have some really wonderful things planned so make sure you check them out by clinking the link at the top of this post!


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7 Yorum

Denise Greenwood
Denise Greenwood
27 May 2020

LOVE the sketches! And those! What a difference!


26 May 2020

I am already loving what I am seeing, the painted color is lightening up the space so much it is going to be so light airy and modern!


Joy Maier
Joy Maier
26 May 2020

What an amazing difference, I love the color on the beams.


25 May 2020

That raw wood ceiling is so pretty, a beast of a job I'm sure but so worth it!


Hilltown House
Hilltown House
21 May 2020

Ooo the beams are starting to look amazing! I can tell I'm going to love this space when its done

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