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DDCO Cabin Master Bedroom and Bath | One Room Challenge: Week One

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We are back with what will be our largest transformation for One Room Challenge yet! This will be our third round as a guest participant and we cannot wait to show you what we have planned. If you haven't seen our previous two ORC transformations in our home, check them out here:

DDCO Living Room (Fall 2019)

DDCO Design Studio & Home Office (Spring 2019)


With the interruption of COVID-19, our June 2020 Wedding in Canada was unfortunately cancelled which was a major heartbreak but once we started thinking about how our time over the next few months would be spent, we saw it as a fresh start. As we began re- wedding planning, questions about venues were first on the list and soon we realized that DDCO Cabin seemed like the perfect place to start the rest our of lives together. Over the next year, we will transform the interior as well as the exterior of the cabin in order to create a beautiful and meaningful space for our family to escape from the day-to-day and say I Do!


This Spring/Summer, we are shifting the focus from our house to begin making over our family cabin in Tahoe, California! The DDCO Cabin is a modified A-Frame that was built in the 1960's and is just over 1,000 sq ft nestled on a half an acre in the Tahoe National Forest. We purchased the property just over two years ago and already so many family memories have been made. It has quickly become our favorite weekend getaway. The home was a rarely used vacation home for the previous owners and we can't wait to give it the attention is deserves. For the first phase, we are going to start in the now master bedroom and bathroom to create a space that will be perfect for our family for years to come. The upstairs started as an open loft in the home and before it was sold, it was converted into an additional bedroom with two twin beds, a "bathroom", and a very small closet. We immediately knew that we wanted to create a master bedroom in the space and rebuild it....the correct way.

Spaces with a steep roofs like the DDCO Cabin can serve as major design challenges. Fortunately, our cabin is a modified A-Frame with a 12"/12" slope roof which means that the roof extends downwards (about 4' from the floor) on the exterior, while most of the interior walls project upwards at a 90 degree angle. While stunning dramatic, true A-frames can be difficult design wise.

Some of the cons to a traditional A-Frame can be an afterthought since the initial architectural impact is so grand. The steep roof touching the ground can make entering the home difficult during snowy weather and also pose possible issues as the snow can stack up and add immense weight to the roof. In addition, angled exterior walls can make kitchen planning, furniture planning, and even cleaning hard. Often there is wasted sqft in narrow sections because anything with vertical height has to be bumped out into the room.

With our modified A-Frame cabin, the challenge is definitely still there for the upstairs but we will address that as we introduce the space!

Bedroom Before:

Bathroom Before:

With the delay of One Room Challenge due to COVID-19, the amazing hostess, Linda Weinstein allowed everyone to begin a little early to compensate for delays as well as extended the event to be 8 weeks! With this extra time we decided to get demo out of the way so we would have a fresh slate to start with next week. Here is what we have accomplished so far:

-Demo Unusable Closet

-Demo Left Storage Area

-Demo Bathroom and Bathroom Wall

-Remove Carpet from Bedroom and Bathroom

-Relocate All Electrical and Re-wire

-Replace Twisted and Cracked Post (Roof Structural Support)

-Remove Doors

-Remove Trim from Windows

-Remove Fire Hazard Base Board Heater

-Remove Washing Machine

-Remove Vanity

Next week we will be sharing our design for the space, the inspiration to help visualize that possibilities, and our amazing team of sponsors! We can't wait to share everything with you and until then, you might catch a few sneak peeks on our Instagram @dewildedesignco and on Instagram Stories!


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