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DDCO Cabin Master Bedroom and Bath | One Room Challenge: Week Four

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

It's week three of One Room Challenge and the floors are laid at the DDCO Cabin! This post is in partnership with Stuga Studio and contains affiliate links that support our business and blog!

Our hardwood floors for the master are in! When the cabin was purchased, the master had thick carpet in the bedroom and bathroom that crept down the stairs and in turn, onto the living room wall (wrapped stair nosings). The entire downstairs is a cheap, plastic-looking red "wood" laminate downstairs which was original to the cabin. When we began ripping up the carpet, we realized that it was actually double stacked on top of the original carpet which was a beautiful shade of "fresh cut golf course grass green". When tackling the idea of doing the entire cabin in new flooring, there were three non-negotiables:

It has to be DIY-able as we have never installed flooring before

The wood flooring has to be able to be refinished years and years down the road if needed

It has to be stair friendly. In many states, hardwoods on stairs can be very tricky as they have to meet a specific material requirement for code. Matching different hardwoods to meet the code can be a nightmare and we don't want that.

When we found Stuga Studio, we knew it was a match and that we had to have their flooring in the DDCO Cabin. They have a large assortment of wide plank hardwoods and offer a fantastic range of colors to fit any palette. Their website breaks down their collections into Lights, Grays, Neutrals, Darks, and Budget. We ordered just about every single swatch that caught our eye since we knew there would be so many great options not only for our space but clients homes as well. In addition to a hiuge selection of colors and species, Stuga also offers a Premium and Budget collection that range from $3.95 to $8.25 p/sqft. Some of our favorites were as follows in order on the website:





Budget (Can only be glued or floated)

Mead (Cannot be sanded or refinished but oh so beautiful)

Once we got the swatches in, which are complimentary to all clients, we began the narrowing down even further which was no easy task.

Pictured Top to Bottom Right: Cortado, Ingrid, Fika, Harbor, Lantern

We took all sixteen swatches up with us as backup but once in the space, Harbor (Bottom left) was a clear winner! Harbor is a thick oak hardwood veneer with a smoky grey stain that is hand-scraped for a worn and raw texture. With all of their lines, Stuga offers larger 2'x3' swatches that can purchased if you need to see a larger portion of the floors and possible variation however, we were set on our choice!


Shipping with Stuga is also a breeze and perfect for these tighter deadlines. We purchased our flooring and it shipped the next day from the warehouse via FedEx Freight. We had it within the week and were so happy when we opened it up to install the following weekend! It's important to not open your flooring until it is ready for install as the package comes sealed at the correct temperature and moisture levels.


Along with our beautiful new Harbor flooring, Stuga also sent their preferred Eco Plus Underlayment, Woodloc Hand Block, Satin Oil and Floor Care Kit. We recorded and saved the entire installation process to our Instagram story highlight titled Stuga Flooring. There, we detail every single aspect from prepping the floors, to underlayment installation, to the final flooring install!

Stugas' flooring can be floated, stapled, or glued down (with the exception of the budget line) which makes it perfect for any application. We chose to staple the flooring and used an 18 gauge 1" staple and our pneumatic staple gun to secure the boards down after locking them into each other with the Woodloc technology. One of our biggest pet peeves from the original flooring was the squeaking you could hear from the downstairs. The subfloor was nailed down rather than screwed which eventually lead to nails backing out in turn creating a gap that would cause the subfloor to flex and squeak when walked on. Prepping the space was ultra important to us so we went crazy with re-securing every single seam of subfloor.

The underlayment installation was super straight forward and easy to complete. The Eco Plus Underlayment that Stuga sent us, come in 100 sqft rolls that 36" wide and are easy enough to cut to size with standard scissors and seal together. This underlayment not only has sound dampening acoustics, and creates a breathable antimicrobial vapor barrier, it also doesn't off-gas because its formaldehyde, latex, and PBDE free which is very rare compared to other flooring underlayments. When installing, you want to make sure that the underlayment is running perpendicular to the flooring so that spills don't find their way through a seam to the subfloor. First, you start you section in the corner with the plastic side down on the subfloor and the adhesive strip up on the side you will lay your next piece. Next, roll out the underlayment to your preferred length where you will then trim to size. When you start the next piece, you want to make sure that the plastic flap on your new piece will line up with the adhesive strip from the previous run. You will repeat this throughout the space to create the vapor barrier.

Once the underlayment is fully conencted together and covering the entire space, you can start on your flooring install!

Not only was Harbor a wider plank like we wanted, it's also available in prefabricated stair nosings which in the world of DIY and tight deadlines, like One Room Challenge, is music to our ears. Stuga offers two stair solutions, a square nosing that sticks out and has a lip, and a flush nosing that is a cleaner and more modern aesthetic!

"Your home deserves a beautiful staircase. You deserve a perfectly matched stair nosing. Our nosings are the culmination of countless collaborations over the years with our custom home builder clients, as well as taking inspiration from the Swedes who have been making profiles like these for decades. Each nosing is made from individual floor planks. The wide face of the nosing makes it more stable while also making it easier to mount stair railing plates. Rounded, stained to match nosings are a thing of the past." -Stuga

Stuga's Square Stair Nosing:

"Made from flooring, these square nosings provide a slight overhang of the stair rise. These nosings are meant to mimic a 'solid tread' while giving you a perfectly matched product with exactly the same character and color as your floor. The edges are slightly eased and finished to protect against wear and tear."  

Stuga's Flush Stair Nosing:

"Made from flooring, these flush nosings lack any overhang whatsoever for an incredibly clean look. The edges are slightly eased and finished to protect against wear and tear. " 

The flush stair nosings are crafted to perfectly align with the flooring planks' Woodloc System.

This week got some major things checked off the to-do list:

Remove Carpet and Pad

Patch Subfloor

Prep Subfloors

Install Stuga Underlayment

Install Stuga Hardwood Flooring

As always, you can follow our journey step by step on our Instagram @dewildedesignco and on Instagram Stories! Next week we will be back to show you how we are starting to wrap up the shiplap, trim and baseboard!


-Demo Unusable Closet

-Demo Left Storage Area

-Demo Bathroom and Bathroom Wall

-Remove Carpet from Bedroom and Bathroom

-Relocate All Electrical and Re-wire

-Replace Twisted and Cracked Post (Roof Structural Support)

-Remove Doors

-Remove Trim from Windows

-Remove Fire Hazard Base Board Heater

-Remove Washing Machine

-Remove Vanity

Week One

-Create Design Boards

-Find Real Examples to Illustrate the Aesthetic

-Get Remaining Orders Completed

Week Two

-Sand Down Ceilings

-Paint Ceiling Beams Out

-Pick Up Shiplap and Base from Pac Tri

-Cut Down Shiplap to Size

-Install Shiplap

-Trim Out Windows

-Reface New Support Post

Our Sponsor Team

Each week we will tag the products we are using to pull off this transformation and will link them so you can shop yourselves! This post contains affiliate links, and I receive a small amount of compensation if you choose to purchase from my links. In addition, most items featured are gifted by our generous sponsors in exchange for promotion. All opinions shared on our blog and social are our own!

Not only could we not do this without our sponsor team, but also the featured and guest designers in this community have some really wonderful things planned so make sure you check them out by clinking the link at the top of this post!


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